Can i Smoke in a property


Every property of RK Lettings is a non-smoking property. Should  there be any evidence at our routine inspections that this has been taking place, you will be fined accordingly for being in breach of your contract and face possible further action if this remains ignored.

Will my belongings be covered by the landlord’s insurance?

The landlord’s insurance is for the building only. You are required to seek out your own contents insurance. 

End Of Tenancy


We will contact your group around 4 weeks prior to the end of your tenancy. You will be given information regarding the checkout process of leaving your accommodation.

You will be required to leave the property in the same way it was upon moving in.Regardless if you may be the first or even the last tenant to leave a property, we still require you not only clean your room and wash all bedding and make up your bed to how it was, but we also require a thorough clean of the communal arears are done in order to insure that your full deposit is returned to you as quickly as possible.

Should you be unsure exactly what you need to do prior to a check out then please feel free to call our team on 01782 863104


What to do if I have a complaint?

The first step is we invite you to come in to see us for a chat or call us, we would like to be able to resolve any issues you may have in a calm fashion with a view of being able to resolve any problems you may have. Should you feel unhappy and that the matter has not been resolved.  Please write to us at the following….

RK Lettings
Office 23002
PO Box 4336
M61 0BW